About our services

We have served as a consultant on several international projects in EU, South Africa and Japan leveraging Genomics and Genetics within Clinical research projects. We offer professional corporate/academic consultancy services. Areas of proffeciency: Pharmacovigilance, Genotyping, transcriptome profiling, clinical studies, biostatistics, computer programing, ICH-GCP and certified CRA, biomarker studies and cell/molecular biology

Contact us at: salim@mottagui.com

About OUR Team

  • Salim Mottaqui-Tabar (Ph.D., MSc Computer Sc)
    Associate Professor
    National Public Health Institute (Helsinki, Finland). Government Agency; Research industry
    Senior Scientist Consultant
    British American Tobacco, Southampton, UK.
    Consultant Scientist
    Scripps Florida (USA), Karolinska Institutet (SWEDEN), RIKEN (JAPAN), Mitsubishi Chemicals (JAPAN).
  • Richard M. Bettencourt (Ph.D.)
    Associate Professor
    Marine Biotech Institute, Portugal.
    Senior Scientist Consultant
    Penn State University, USA.
  • Maria Hellstrom (Ph.D.)
    Scientific consultant
    MHRA, London
    Senior Scientist Consultant
    Karolinska, Sweden.